Warby Parker – Film Star Frames for $600 Less

Innovative entry into the grossly overpriced market for spec frames

Cheeky Web startup busts Luxottica’s effective monopoly by charging commodity prices

P1340808Need new frames, but not overpriced brand names or plain Jane designs from the opticians on the corner?

Then get down to the Warby Parker HQ in the Puck Building and help yourself to movie grade frames (stars are actually wearing them) including the lenses (restricted at the moment to single prescription) for only $95 a throw.

The young company decided to bust open the monopoly pricing of the spectacles market in the US, which is led by the Italian frame makers Luxottica, which produces fine but expensive frames which provide an umbrella of high prices for every make sold in opticians in America. Moreover, at least 30 per cent of the market is dominated by Luxxotica, according to reports, because the company is the only source for high end brand frames, and it won’t supply anyone who breaks ranks, or so they suggested on 60 Minutes.

P1340806Whatever the reason, Warby Parker have broken the mould – offering high quality frame, well designed, for minimal prices on the Web and now, increasingly, on the retail storefront level.

Warby Parker began selling their frames with single prescriptions directly on the Internet, then expanded into establishing retail outlets throughout the US and is planning one in Manhattan’s Soho soon.  But meanwhile it has a showroom on the 6th (as we recall) floor of the Puck building where all its frames are on display.

P1340805The remarkably low price is $95 for the frames and single prescription lenses, but according to an executive, double prescription will be available soon.

P1340803So anyone who can get down to the Puck Building at Houston and Broadway can finally avoid paying through the bleeding nose for new glasses. The style and artistic design are well up there among the very best that Luxottica make, just without the many famous brand names that that company has spread its umbrella over.

At Warby Parker’s Corporate HQ there, they have a special showroom where you can buy their frames WITH lenses (currently only single prescription, soon double) for the monopoly shattering $95.

P1340807The company’s breakthrough pricing depends on having their frames made for them, so they don’t have to be supplied by Luxottica, the makers in Italy who have taken over the high end frames market – even buying Oliver People’s – in the last twenty years and made so many opticians beholden to them and their high prices, which reflect the cost of handcrafted frames from Italy.

P1340804You can buy Warby Parker’s often excellent designs in luxury grade plastic with single prescription lenses included for $95, either in person or on the Web. Take a look at their Web site where you may join in the movement to bring rational prices to a market which is so vital to so many.


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