Chocolate Supreme at Chocolate Works at 93 St and Lex

Drop in at Chocolate Works on the upper East Side location of this chain which has twenty storefronts in the US in Brooklyn and farther abroad, and you will find a selection unmatched even by the other stores, since each one produces its own concoctions.

At this Chocolate Works in the smart section of Cernegie Hill they make truffle squares which everybody there loves, including Sarah the manager, the event manager and the chocolatier who actually cooks up the assortment on offer in the counter displays and the shelves.

The latter is actually allergic to chocolate she says, as she hands me a chocolate covered strawberry she has made to teach a class earlier in the week.

They all agree the truffle squares are the best thing in the store, and indeed, when you sample one of the handful set out on the counter, you will certainly agree, as the tiny rectangle melts in you mouth and triggers the brain into sweet delight with more endorphins than ever before.

Goodbye Jacques Torres and Amadei, this is the best par excellence.

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