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German program clean relief from US sales mania

Deutsche Welle provides rock solid coverage of real life

CUNY and WNYE contributions to mental health

Sick of the blare and low content of US programming? A very fine program on CUNY TV (75 on TW cable, 25-3 over the air (WNYEDT3)) is Focus on Europe, a weekly issue with many repeats, about “some of the very best personal stories behind the headlines”. The origin is German; it is one of Deutsche Welle’s features, though the unusually gentle in manner, boyish announcer Damian McGuinness is obviously native born English (twitter @damienmcguin).

New announcer at FOCUS ON EUROPE is Damien McGuiness who also reports for the BBC on Germany and the Baltic States.

The credits state that direction is by Oliver Wickop, Producers are A. Lutz and J. Riedel, Executive Producer is Dagmar Michel on the latest Mar 26 Thursday (2015) installment.

This current edition is typical: it realistically undertakes in its trademark style of exploring simple personal reality a series of straightforward and truthful reports of the experience of individuals caught up in political and economic change.

It covers five topics: Ukrainians fleeing war and call up by the Ukranian military by moving to Moldova, the British upgrading CCTV camera surveillance in Trafalgar Square (which pet hawks now keep free of pigeons and mice) and throughout London, Norway meeting local resistance setting a convicted, terrorism inciting Mullah safely aside in a remote village, invisible toxins permeating the bucolic farm and mountain valley of Gortschitz in Austria, where sheep and cattles have been slaughtered and schoolchildren in the state capital now test positive for the chemicals, and weed used to relieve cancer suffering in Belgium through an EU legal loophole.

The Web site is, copyright is Deutsche Welle 2015 The program listing is at

The other FOCUS ON EUROPE presenter Valeria Risi is the daughter of a violinist and a journalist in Uruguay who became an actor and a journalist and mother of three.

Similar programs from Deutsche Welle carried by CUNY-TV include Euromaxx on European lifestyle topics, and Deutsche Welle News at 6pm (see and and email address is

The latter is the same English language news program labeled Journal, which is projected on WNYE (Channel 25-1 over the air and 25 on TW cable) at the same time, 6pm NYC.

Other new programs on CUNY blessedly free of the corruption of commercialism which has spread like a cancer across even PBS in the US (whose Nightly news broadcast and news documentaries tend to be enslaved to whatever established and self serving beliefs dominate commerce and government with the sole exception of Frontline) include Democracy Now, the latter almost the sole source of realistic coverage of news on the street outside the fortresses of power.

BBC World News America (5.30pm 13 and 25 WNYE NYC) and BBC World News (25 NWNYE 7 am NYC) are also relatively free of commercial taint though enslaved anyway to established views of political and economics affairs. They are carried on WNYE 25 Cable and 25-1 over the air.

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