Ideal breakfast supplies at Columbus Farmers Mkt

Venture to 97St and Columbus before 2pm on Fridays all summer for

Extra large eggs from happy hens at Amantai farm

Extra large eggs from happy hens at Amantai farm

a) Perfect brown eggs glowing with the health and happiness of Amantai Farm’s hens with the hard, crisp breaking shells, plump round yolks and protein rich whites that result from the loving and generous care of the Argentinian owner who lets them roam through green pasture and even when they are sheltered in the barn in winter opens the door and throws in all kinds of peckable goodies.

b) Bacon from one of three stalls, but especially from the farm with only 20 pigs.

Real bread back again better than ever from She-Wolf Bakery

c) Bread as you have not encountered bread for forty years, bread packed with choice grain and ovenbaked to fine firm interior and crisp crunchy crust toughness unmatched by any bread sold in Manhattan and possibly in the entire nation from She Wolf Bakery of Brooklyn which sells out each week for very good reason – they pack their loaves from Batards to Multigrain with the best of the newly accessible wide choice of grains available from local farms to make loaves which will bring back your childhood memories of real bread at exactly the other end of the spectrum from Wonderloaf.

Take it from this Lancashire born Englishman still celebrating his inborn immunity from heart attacks and sudden death by eating the celebrated satisfying and boosting national breakfast of tea, kippers, eggs, bacon and toast and orange marmalade which is so much more rational to enjoy at the daily starting gate than a mere croissant and coffee as in the otherwise enlightened society of street cafes across the Channel.

No kippers at the market but very good Sand Shark and many other choices just caught the previous day from the still bounteous sea.

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