MatchaBar Tea Impresses with Strength, Character and Power

A new kind of tea from Japan expands in NYC

Already in Whole Foods, a interesting NYC new Matcha Tea from Matchabar

Already in Whole Foods, a interesting NYC new Matcha Tea from Matchabar

With three different kinds from Original through Mango to Ginger the new Matcha Teas are a spin off from the two tea bars in Brooklyn and Chelsea founded on this new approach to tea drinking in NYC which strengthens both the taste of the brew and its energy boost along traditional lines borrowed from Japan, where the tea is stronger because the whole leaf is used rather than just the tip and the caffeine level is much higher tham standard tea.

Family business: Son of the founders of Matchabar Tea Bars and his colleague show off the Tea at Whole Foods on Upper East Side on Monday Jun 6

Compared with standard bottled tea it rises to a new level of impact on the tongue which leaves ordinary tea by comparison watery and feeble in savor. The difference is immediately sensed with satisfaction if you have a stronger tea experience in mind and the only caveats might be that for some tastes it might be too advanced in its non-sweet appeal and also a careful reading of the ingredients will reveal that the deep dark green color is not natural but the result of the addition of a coloring substance with a rather chemical name.

Given the sad decline and fall of Effy’s Cafe at 90th and Third from its status as the only decent sidewalk cafe refuge on the Upper East Side above 86th Street we might hope that MatchaBar might bring civilization of the old European kind back to the area which is otherwise a desert where Starbucks rules.

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